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Europe by Tandem

From Castellon (Spain) to Northern Cape (Norway) by Tandem supporting the fight against cancer.

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Day 30. Simandre- sur- Suran- Vienne

Posted by admin On Agosto - 9 - 2010

132 kilometers. 6 hours and 5 minutes.

IVAN: Today’s stage was at full steam. We cycled at an average speed of 21 kilometers per hour; we travelled around the lovely and peaceful French countryside. We saw beautiful spots, a lot of castles and rivers; as you will see later on. In fact, if we draw a comparison between today’s stage and yesterday’s stage, there’s a world of difference. Yesterday, we got a flat tire at midmorning; it took us a while to fix it because the tire deflated slowly and we had to make some stops to pump it up so that we could get to the nearest gas station. Because of this little mishap, we arrived in the town where we wanted to have lunch at 2 o’clock sharp. We could have anything hot to eat since restaurants close at that time; no later than that. We wound up by rustling up an outdoor lunch in a park and with products we bought in the discount supermarket chain, LIDL.  Once we got to the town where we were supposed to spend the night, we found out that the two hotels in that town had no rooms vacant and the nearest one was 20 kilometers south of the town. When we arrived there, the hotel sign read “no vacancies”. Luckily, they let us sleep at a sort of lounge; apparently, after all this, it looked as thought our stroke of bad luck finally ran out.

Today was a spectacular sunny day; the wind was blowing from behind (I tell you this by whispering it in your ear so that Aeolus can’t hear me). We had lunch in an amazing place in which I had frogs; yes, that’s right, I ate frogs and not only their legs but the entire frog. How tasty! When we left the restaurant, we went by a place where people usually go for a swim. What magnificent surroundings! As you can see from the pics below, we also grasped the opportunity to take a refreshing dip. We got to our destination at 6:30 in the afternoon. This is living in the lap of luxury!

We are in Vienne now; it’s a lovely town located about 20 kilometers south of Lyon. This means there are less than 1000 kilometers to go! I can almost smell Spanish omelet, orange blossoms from our land and Serrano ham, hahaha…well, I want to set something straight, when I say “I can almost smell…” what I mean is that we are getting closer…because in terms of smell, well…we do smell; we stink! We’ve been wearing the same clothes (and, as a result, sweating through them) for two weeks in a row! We haven’t washed them, either! The result: a strong foul odor that resembles that of a South African elephant, of a Rocky mountain goat and of a Royal Bengal tiger.

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