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Europe by Tandem

From Castellon (Spain) to Northern Cape (Norway) by Tandem supporting the fight against cancer.

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A classic

Posted by admin On Mayo - 9 - 2010

IVAN: A warm and sunny Saturday, a perfect day for a cyclist to practice and enjoy. Apart from the wind, which always blows frontally I don’t know if  due to a divine caprice or because of the gypsy’s evil eye, it would have been a sweet sin to ride the bike, and that it can’t be, today we had to train, notice the legs getting stronger, the sweat on the forehead, the heart in the mouth and, sometimes, the chest panting asking gusts of air in its own language to stoke the flames of the carbon engine that my nervous locomotive needs to wheel along.

Moreover, considering the rainy days foreseen for Friday and maybe Sunday, Horacio’s ‘Carpe diem’ gains its whole meaning: ‘enjoy the day’ because tomorrow buff… tomorrow God knows.

That’s why, today’s training was an old time classic: Castellón – Ribesalbes through the reservoir, which is at its best; Ribesalbes-Aín where the Espadán Mountain embraces you with all its vegetal splendour, and finally Aín-Desierto de las Palmas, an ascent that serves as a thermometer. An inclination  of about 459 meters that whispers into your ear ‘you are doing good, you are doing good’, or with a slightly funny smile  “geez, this is unbearable “. Today, there has been a bit of everything.

The training was about 128 km and completed in a little bit more than five hours. I neither couldn’t nor wanted to make it longer without my colleague, who is sick after some intense working days in the Canaries.

Well, I leave you with some videos of me descending from Aín Bueno. In the second one you can see the well-known 360-degree curve of that decent. I hope you’ll like it.  Regards.

A Crazy Gathering

Posted by admin On Abril - 19 - 2010

JL: On Saturday, we went on a 185 km ride. Not bad for being Ivan´s first time out after his arm injury. This first phase was not particularly interesting, neither for the route nor for the good whether.

We were soaked twice because of the rain. The best came after 7 hours on our bikes.

At the Font Talla del Desierto de Las Palmas, we met 2 guys who were on foot.

An informal wave, a few jokes and we were immediately talking. It’s a shame we didn’t ask for their names. Coincidently, they also had been walking for 7 hours and still had a long walk ahead. They told us they participate on  long-distance footraces.  One of them will take part of a 160 km race with a time limit of 40 hours. Can you imagine walking 160 km without stopping for food, without sleeping and without……………………….without spare feet. Tremendous deed! We can see them on the photo’s background.

Of course, we told them about our project, and they were surprised. Suddenly, we were 4 guys in the middle of the mountains training to face different challenges and wishing each other good luck. Crazy, for most people.

Why do we do these things? What do we want to prove?

We probably share the desire to better ourselves and the love for sports.

We certainly love experiencing competitive feelings and testing our temerity.

We probably think nothing is impossible. We probably mainly want to prove ourselves that we can do it.

I have been going out for long distance outings and trips in my bicycle for many years. No matter how much physical strength at may have acquired at a certain point, the main strength achieved has been mental.  Sooner or later, physical strength will vanish,  but your self-confidence will never disappear.

If you want to grow, put yourself to the test.

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