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Europe by Tandem

From Castellon (Spain) to Northern Cape (Norway) by Tandem supporting the fight against cancer.

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IVAN: Today we’ve awaken with the firm purpose of doing everything it takes for our beloved tandem bicycle to get to Honningsvag so that we’re finally able to start with our adventure once and for all. At 9:30 am the girl that assisted us over the phone in Oslo told us that the tandem bicycle had boarded the plane that was supposed to land in Alta at 12 noon (finally, a breathe of air).

Knowing this and taking into account that we had no intention of wasting time, we’ve decided to go to North Cape by the only way we had, by bus, therefore, we were driven through the road sitting down in a comfortable bus instead of suffering/enjoying it by tandem. But anyway, this has not diminished at all the spectacular beauty of the trip, believe me when I tell you that in this short trip, that has only lasted 45 minutes, I’ve surprised myself with goose bumps, a shrunken heart and, more than once, a very complicated feeling to describe, what a view!!!!

As a comment I would like to say that I’m leaving out 30 pictures of different sights, similar to these, but I cannot fit all of them, I’m sorry.

The anecdote of the day happened when we got to North Cape, as we were approaching the ball that identifies the place, we saw a group of cyclists approaching, carrying a lot of things,  that had just arrived (another turn to the heart and a feeling of healthy envy difficult to digest), upon seeing them, JL tells me “but they look like Spaniards” and I tell him, no, that flag looks German, as they had it folded in half, right after that, one of them replies “yes, we are Spanish”. It was a group from Albacete in the last of their stages through Norway, a trip that had taken them through the coast from the Lofoten islands through Northkapp. Of course, inside of me my soul was screaming “I WANT MY TAAAAAAANDEM BICYCLE    !!!”. We had a joyful chat with them and we’ve taking the mandatory group picture.

At 1 o’clock in the afternoon we found out that the tandem bicycle had arrived to Alta airport, after JL argued with half the airport, they were loading it on a bus that would take it to Honningsvag, yay!, what a feeling of contained joy; will we find it in a good state?

At 6 o’clock in the afternoon our tandem bicycle arrived to Honningsvag, we spoke to the bus driver and he told us that he’d bring it to our hostel where we’ve been staying since yesterday. Tandem unloaded, assembled and checked. Just waiting to see how it will go when we ride it, at least for now everything seems fine.

Tomorrow we depart on our way to Castellon. Grandma: get the rice for the paella ready for around 2:00 pm, if the day goes well, we might show up in Castellon on time for lunch ;) )

IVAN: Hi everybody!

We inform you that on the past week, we decided to change the date of our grand European tour on a Tandem bicycle for the fight against cancer.

We have been obligated to postpone this solidarity challenge one month. We foresee  to give the starting signal from North Cape between July 9th and 11th 2010 (we can not confirm the exact day because it depends on flights and travels to the departure point).

The main reasons are the torn ulna that I suffered a month ago and my recovery, which fortunately is developing quickly.  This weekend I will try to ride  my bike again (one month after the accident).

We also take this opportunity to let you know that we have finally agreed to set the departure date for the ‘Camino de Santiago de Levante’ (from Castellón to Santiago) on the beginnings of May. Possibly for the 6th, although we still have to close the agendas.

In addition, we want to express our gratitude for your constant support, which means a great source of motivation and is an indispensable complement to our physical training.

Greetings from the Tandem members!

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