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Europe by Tandem

From Castellon (Spain) to Northern Cape (Norway) by Tandem supporting the fight against cancer.

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First stage: Camino Santiago de Levante: Benicasim – Xativa. 158 kms, in 7 hours and a half.

The fist day of the pilgrimage has been long and tough. We covered the distance through not very beautiful spots, since the Castellón and Valencia flats is an area infested by industrial parks and a lot of traffic.

On the other hand, people never stop surprising you. Near Sagunto, we met some employees of CEPSA in a gas station who at first were surprised to see our special vehicle, but on seeing the shell hung on our luggage, a complicity emerged right away: pilgrims?? we began on 6th June!!! We could see that the trip was organised by the company for which they work, BRAVO FOR CEPSA!!

After the compulsory photos, which they promised they would put on the company web site, we carried out our trip with renewed energies.

We crossed the centre of Valencia, that’s how we enjoyed the warmth of the Valencian people, or that’s what I thought, because some excited comments can have different interpretations:


che, que collons!!

vale, vale!

ahí, ahí, ahí!

ssssi señor!

tira-li valent!

con dos cojones!!


ahí parits!!

And other comments I wouldn’t know how to write. And this without the World Cup having started yet!

As we told you in a previous post, we had the intension to carry out the Camino de Santiago de Levante as part of our training. Do to work reasons, we had to postpone and almost cancel this trip, which we had announced amid a lot of hype in case someone wanted to come with us.

The thing is, thanks to certain flukes of destiny, the Camino de Santiago is feasible , and we are going to start it tomorrow Friday!!!,  on 21/05/2010. Said and done. On 29th May, 2010, we expect to walk over the stones I imagine the Obradoiro plaza has.

The route that we are going to follow is the same that we had announced, in other words, the Camino de Levante. You can see this route more precisely in many web sites on the internet, but we recommend, to those who want to carry it out, to visit the link These, specifically, are our different stages:

1.- Castellon – Xativa

2.- Xativa – Albacete

3.- Albacete – El Toboso

4.- El Toboso – Toledo

5.- Toledo – Avila

6.- Avila – Toro

7.- Toro – Puebla Sanabria

8.- Puebla Sanabria – Orense

9.- Orense – Santiago

I tell you in advance that this route and the organisation of the trip have been made in RECORD time, since we knew that we would leave yesterday Wednesday after lunch. We calculated an average of 150 km per stage.

See you tomorrow in Xativa!!!

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