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Europe by Tandem

From Castellon (Spain) to Northern Cape (Norway) by Tandem supporting the fight against cancer.

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Training Weekend 3 weeks before North Cape

Posted by admin On Junio - 21 - 2010

IVAN: This weekend is for training as we usually do: extensive training on Saturdays and intensive training on Sundays. It have been days with very good temperature and sunny weather. If it weren’t for the unfortunate wind, as one of our colleagues commented on Facebook “for the rider on the road, nothing matters, except for the wind always blowing frontally “.

The departure on Saturday was unusually special for me, and not because of the path, fantastic as always, nor for the wonders of landscapes hidden inside us, but because of the peculiar goal we pursue,  the Hermitage of Santa Lucia and Saint Benet in the Irta Mountain (Alcocebre), located in a unique location: in the last of the giant arms of land that the Irta Mountain extends through the entire coast from Alcocebre to Peniscola.

Odd thing is that from the beginning of this project, around the month of October 2009, I was infatuated with it and always made the same comment to my colleague JL when we saw it from a distance: “We have to go up there!”. Well, the  eagerly awaited day was this Saturday

To climb its 312 m. high, you start from the Fuentes de Alcocebre beach. You have to hold on to the walls of 12% and 20% of the slope, which are very hard, in a poorly paved road with many potholes. In fact, once there (if you don’t take a good mountain bike or go on foot), you must go back through the same path, that infernal road  that is so hard and uncomfortable to climb, and steep and dangerous to descend.

Of course, with this definition, anyone can ask and why do you climb?, Aaaaaaahh my friends, the sights, the fantastic and beautiful views, and what about feelings, yes, yes you read it right, the feelings, because always hear everyone talk about the benefits of this sport, how good it is for health, how active you feel, the self-esteem that you can handle, but the sensations, nobody tells you about this, feelings that an athlete experience when reaching a point of maximum effort, the suffering, the feeling of tiredness and a devastating exhaustion, the sensation of strength and power, the sensation of speed or power or best of all, the sense of arrival, to complete the goal, through the goal, ending the tour, reaching the destination on time, that feeling cannot be experienced on the sofa at home, or in the bar, even in the disco with 4 drinks, that feeling is reserved for those “dummies” who leave aside (but only temporarily) the late night parties, the alcohol  and the fun drink parties , and are dedicated to getting up early and working hard.

But the best way to explain these feelings is through our videos (you can see in our YouTube channel). This is what we experienced on the tandem bicycle on Friday, on the climb and the descent of the Desierto de las Palmas:

There is also a video that I did not have a chance to upload but that shows a feeling I had felt before and that is experienced in a special way when you are riding a bike. It is the feeling of freedom I felt on our 3rd day in our trip to Santiago.  Leaving Albacete, the morning was like is shown in this recording.

Or this video from a few months ago of the Port of Querol, a harmonic dance between the pilot, co-pilot, double pedalling machine, asphalt, curves, wind and freedom.

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