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Europe by Tandem

From Castellon (Spain) to Northern Cape (Norway) by Tandem supporting the fight against cancer.

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Spectators supporting Europe by tandem

Posted by admin On Febrero - 10 - 2010

Hi tandemners!
This Saturday, two friends fond of photography and bikes, decided to join us, take a few pictures and tape some videos. This has been the very first time we’ve ever seen ourselves riding a tandem as viewers (we had never been photographed in action).
The truth is that it was a pretty interesting experience. Their support on the road and the soup they brought in a flask were very restorative—they actually wanted to write this post. Our followers also have a voice in Europe by tandem.
Here is their experience, don’t miss it!:
7am. Ring ring!, just 5 more minutes… This can’t be true! Come on, R!, don’t be like that and get up!.
You promised a soup and promises are to be kept!. After breakfast and preparing the soup, I is picking me up. Backpack, camera, two batteries, empty memory card, gloves, hat, raincoat and the soup flask. JL and Ivan were awaiting us in a 15-kilometer distance preparing the tandem. They say the most important thing is to be certain that everything’s in check: tires well inflated, saddle in its place, food and water storage, clear route and the milometer set to 0.

Ivan told us that, after his knee injury, he had to progressively pull the saddle up to 5 centimeters.

We then made an inspection of the tandem, focusing on the saddles. Both JL and Ivan explained to us that the saddles are ergonomically different due to the postures they adopt, depending if they go in the front or in the rear.
These saddles bear so many kilometers with them on top that they even got names; please, take note:

The front saddle’s name is “Avatar”

and the rear one is “Rest area”.

It’s 8am and after charging the batteries and setting our watches, we start our trip! Never until we take a picture… “Cheeeese”.

We are mesmerized with the way they coordinate and the keys they use: “1, 2, 3, go!” to get the tandem started and “1, 2, 3, up!, to get up while they pedal to climb a mountain. Even mesmerized with the way the one in the rear leans after the one in the front warns him with a leg that a curve is right ahead.

Where are you taking us? It seems like the guys from Europe by tandem decide to take again the Sitjar route, yet with a slight difference. We are so thankful to be taken to such beautiful places.
We are going from ground level up to 788 meters above sea level; it’s about 140 rough kilometers with beautiful landscapes, though. We exit Benicassim (Castellon) to head to the Sitjar Reservoir and then get lost in the Alto Mijares region. This is the profile they have ready for us. Fortunately, we are riding a motorbike.

There we go!, fans are always present:

…in every kilometer of the road…

…enjoy sight-seeing through the Sitjar Reservoir…

…in every road’s ditch…

…hidden beneath the traffic signs…

…and also when we ask for a snack at this glamorous terrace, filled with trees, that we find halfway through our trip. The terrace was very integrated into the landscape, since it was decorated with the pine branches next to it. As you can see in the picture, we had a whole lot of beer, but that was just set aside ;-)

You’re always gobbling!.

Come on, JL!, give Ivan a little bit, you greedy!.

….good boy!

You go boys!

Yeahhh, great team!

…we could also see them pedaling from the car…

…but, of course, we could not help but pull over to take a picture altogether. Again: “Cheeese”.

It was 10:30am and we had to let them go with their 140-kilometer trip (they had barely completed 40 kilometers (no wonder, with all the paparazzi around). Training is training, and now the hard part has just started, therefore, we’d rather upload the pictures in a future post.
See you later and enjoy the a happy tandem!.

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