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Maigmó Green Route

Posted by admin On Mayo - 5 - 2010

The Maigmó Green Route, with its 22 km high, connects the  Agost halt with the Alto de Maigmó, and goes by the municipality of Agost, Petrer and Tibi.

A bit of history…

The town of Alcoi has a long industrial tradition. Its internal localisation, in a very uneven land, was a strong drawback for the exportation of its products. Therefore, under the Guadalhorce Railroad Plan during the dictatorship of  general Primo De Rivera,  a vertiginous construction work was started creating 66 km of railway infrastructures, using all the engineering resources of the time.

The civil war, the post-war and its miseries, prevented the extension of the railways and the opening of the railway service, remaining permanently forgotten in the Alicante mountains.

Description of the Maigmó Green Route (Alicante):

Ascension road (or descent road depending on the point of departure that you chose) till the Maigmó port, that leads us through potter lands, vineyards and badlands (type of landscape characterised by arid land rich on clays, extensively eroded by the wind and water). It is an engineering work designed by an almost damned orography that accesses a drop of 440 m through 6 tunnels and 2 viaducts (Fontanar viaduct and Forn del Vidre viaduct) which cover a total length of 1520 meters.

Main advises to cover this route: water, sun protection and lantern or bicycle headlights since the lightning systems of the tunnels don’t work because of some people’s lack of civic responsibility. I have to warn you that there are short sections that are shared with cars, although it is unlikely to come across many vehicles since most sections only served as entrances for the adjacent estates.

And as a perfect complement to this Green Route, for a weekend of sports and nature, our friend Nani Martínez, who is a cyclist and a good expert of the Alicante area of, recommended us not only to cover the Maigmó Green Route, but also to visit the Natural Park of Carrascal de la Font Roja (higher north, in Alcoi), situated on the Menejador Mountain, one of the last foothills of the Béticas Mountain Range and one of the highest present in the province of Alicante, with a maximum height of 1352 ms at the peak with the same name.

It is also known as the Bosque Encantado (Enchanted Forest) since, according to the legend, this forest was inhabited by strange creatures, such as elves, trolls and gremlins, which remained hidden during the day, waiting for the nightfall.

However, when the dense mist came down from the mountains, completely covering the Font Roja, the forest’s inhabitants could go out during daytime, and there were few humans, who dared to enter this enchanted forest.

But putting the legend aside, what Nani did tell us is that… ‘there are enough land irregularities to climb and it may be accessed by bike or by foot through a set of stairs. Once you have reached the top, where there is a sanctuary, a church, a fountain, a small village… you can continue uphill either using your bike or by foot.  It is shady and very cool, very green and there are many things to see. It is close to the path that allows the access to the Font Roja and it’s a magic place’. We are looking forward to it, Nani!

Thank you Nani for sharing all this information with us, and for the photos. And, most of all, thanks for supporting and encouraging us!  To enjoy the tandem!


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