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Europe by Tandem

From Castellon (Spain) to Northern Cape (Norway) by Tandem supporting the fight against cancer.

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Last week: two days before arriving in North Cape.

Posted by admin On Julio - 7 - 2010

IVAN: July 7th, two days left before the exit that will lead us to North Cape, to travel the 5,000 km which separate this particular point of departure from our adventure, the European “Finisterre”, the final point, our land, Castellón.

Speaking about the daily 150 km,  about the donations for the fight against cancer, of the tandem bike named Paco (Pa’Conseguir combatir el cancer – To fight and beat cancer) or about the European countries that we will cross,  is like “raining in something wet ,” since I imagine that by now everyone knows that this is a sporting challenge of solidarity, there are channels of donation, that the company we work for, RECORD GO, has become the main “donor” because it will donate 1 euro per kilometre travelled to the account of the AECC and the UICC, or that  Viajes Ecuador has sponsored our flight to the starting destination, or even of the help given by selling t-shirts, or of our friend “Manolo from Macer” of Castellón that, in his truck repair shop, has assembled us a “contraption tripod “that will allow us to record from a side angle.

What I think we have not shown in a clear way is the ROUTE that we intend to follow  (if you pay attention, I speak in conditional form, since speaking in perfect future with so many days ahead and so many potential problems, would be a mistake).

And the luggage for these 40 days was:

CLOTHES 3 shorts, 2 mallots, a pair of gloves, 2 windshields, 2 thermal shirts, 4 pairs of socks, a waterproof cape (thin), 3 pants, a helmet, a pair of glasses, three t-shirts of the Europe on Tandem), 1 shirt, 1 pair of trousers , 1 pair of shorts, a thin fleece, a pair of sandals, automatic boots and slippers.

TECHNOLOGY 2 GoPro cameras for the tandem (so you can follow us in our YouTube channel), a Lumix digital photo camera that Geo-references the photos (you can see in our Flickr page), a video camera (courtesy of TVE, for the “Action direct “program of La 2), 7 Mini-DV video tapes, a laptop computer (to write our posts in this blog), a UMTS (Internet connection), a GPS, a USB port multiplexer, a mobile phone with Internet connection (to also be present on Facebook), and chargers and holders for all the electronics devices, of course zillions of SD memory cards.

Pharmacy: Frenadol, Voltaren, Fortasec, Daflon, Supradina, Aftersun, Xicil, Minerals, Mosquito Repellent. I hope to put all this in the only bag I have, as you can see in the picture, the bag is at the end, and size and if I’m not mistaken with my calculations, I would say it will not fit,  but anyway, I will let you know.


And I add to the list …
The tandem bicycle packed and labelled for “undergoing” flights and layovers to North Cape.

And let’s not forget the plane ticket (thanks Ximo, thanks Viajes Ecuador).

Greetings to all, since the next post will already be from North Cape!

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