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Europe by Tandem

From Castellon (Spain) to Northern Cape (Norway) by Tandem supporting the fight against cancer.

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Iván: third day of training through Andalusia. Today, finally…, the weather has been better. I don´t mean that it was a sunny day with temperatures around 23 degrees…no, it was a cold and very cloudy day, one of those days that we call an ugly day, but it has not rained, we have not had very low temperatures or intense wind against us, but only a breeze that I think that the “man with the fan” uses to remind us that we don´t only fight against kilometers, or time, but we also fight against weather; however what he doesn´t know is that what we really want to do is FIGHT AGAINST THE CANCER.

In fact the day has dawned like this, and with only 6 degrees:

So, with our “cycling clothing” we have ridden our machine ready to arrive to Carmona. And people from Carmona have welcomed us with open arms.

As today is St. Valentine´s Day, I would like to comment the strange love story that we have on the tandem (please don´t think what it is not). If love is comprehension and understanding, believe us when we tell you that on the tandem everything is love. Hehehe. In fact, we have developed a language of couple that we only use on the tandem, with the following expressions:

“Cata is coming!!!”: let´s change to small star, aka Catalina.

“On my count of three: one, two, …!!”: the partner gets ready straight away and gets up to go on pedaling.

“Iron”: we change pinions and speed.

“Philosophy”: specially during slopes, we ride calmly, in order to save energy.

And other non-spoken expressions (the non-verbal language is fundamental in love, hehe):
“To raise the opposite foot when a curve comes”: the partner prepares to lie down.

“The meter is up 35km/h”: we try to stop pedaling in order to save efforts.

And here finishes our today’s story.  Greetings from the pair of the tandem!!

See you tomorrow at Osuna!

Today’s route:

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