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Europe by Tandem

From Castellon (Spain) to Northern Cape (Norway) by Tandem supporting the fight against cancer.

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JL: Yesterday, in our route from Malaga to Tarifa, it was raining cats and dogs (you can take a look to the video we uploaded). We were riding during more than three hours under a heavy rain. When we arrived to the hotel I had to get my hands dried before checking in. Still shivering with cold we took off our clothes, we dripped-dry them in the bath and tried to get them dry with the heating.

I don’t know how we haven’t got a cold yet. I guess our body warmth generated by the physical effort kept us warm but were struggling to make it to the end.

Today it’s Saturday, we wake up at 07:00. It keeps raining heavily. We cannot leave under these weather conditions, so we decide to stay for a while. We go to have breakfast, to buy some fruit and to get some money at the bank. The BBVA ATM swallows up my partner’s credit card. The rain is getting worse with lots of thunders and lightning. What a day!

It’s 09:30 and the weather is easing up. We get ready quickly. Our cycling clothing is still wet, what an unpleasant feeling! At 10:00 it stops raining, so we are ready to leave. But… Wait a minute! What’s this? There is a slash in the front tire. It’s a miracle it did not blow up yesterday. We have to change it. Could anything else get worse? At 10:15 we are ready again. We leave and, two kilometer afterwards, it starts raining again. It is a short rain, only 10 minutes, enough to get a little wet. Finally it stops raining.

Today the countryside is wonderful. I didn’t know this region. I couldn’t imagine there were so much woods and green countryside on the South of Spain, especially so close to Tarifa. The rain during this time of the year floods every country; it runs through the ditches and floods the fields which look like rice fields. (What a huge amount of water!) Bulls, cows, horses, goats, birds of prey, wild ducks, rabbits and hundreds of partridge running away from us, two ferrets crossing along the road, 4 green lizards  in low-level flight (or maybe this was an hallucination due to our exhaustion).

However, the direct wind has spoiled our trip once again. We had to pedal every kilometer. Finally we made 130 km in 7 hours and 50 minutes. We got Arcos de la Frontera at 19:15, with the very last daylight.

Moral: there are so many incidents that we can experience that a very straight schedule is too risky. Maybe we will have to modify the number of days or our scheduled route for our final challenge. Of course, we will have to be aware that we will only know for sure the starting date.

Route Map:

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