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Europe by Tandem

From Castellon (Spain) to Northern Cape (Norway) by Tandem supporting the fight against cancer.

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Day 22- Magdeburg- Mulhausen

Posted by admin On Agosto - 2 - 2010

157 kilometers. 8 hours and  12 minutes.

IVAN: Today we gritted our teeth, flexed our muscles and panted for air; we did all this in time to the tandem music when cycling upward. That special swaying rhythmic motion you perform in partner dancing; a gentle and pleasing-to-the-eye motion that makes people who see us cycling fall under its spell (or that’s what I think). The funny thing is that we had a bad time; however, I can say it was a pleasant bad time. It feels so good to suffer when making a good ascent, especially after cycling for 50 kilometers on a flat area; which helped you warm up your legs enough to be on a first-name basis with the upward slope of the mountain.

Today we cycled around the heart of Germany. In fact, although there are still some stages to go, we could see some traces of the so-called BLACK FOREST. What a place! The Swedish, Finnish and Norwegian woods are spectacular and that’s a fact. However, the broad roads in these countries make the woods be at least 10 meters away from you; woods surround you. This is not the case here. Woods are on top of you. You’re not surrounded by woods, you’re deep in the woods. You cannot even see the sun. It’s dark in there. If it rained, you wouldn’t get wet. Another feature that characterizes this area is its road surface that is in perfect condition. The sharp curves make this place a paradise on earth for motorcyclists. We saw bikers in tons; they were wearing multi-colored outfits. Honestly! You should see the motorbikes they ride and the overalls they wear. They look as though they came out of a bag of Lacasitos (colorful button-shaped candies like the M&M’s): here goes a red one, and here goes a green one…

The anecdote of the day: At lunchtime and in the heart of Germany, we were confidently expecting to find a place (in the middle of nowhere or in the middle of everywhere depending on your point of view) where the cook, the owner, the waiter/waitress and the person in charge spoke English. Well, that wasn’t possible. Where we had lunch, there was only one woman who performed the cook, owner, waitress and person in charge roles. And, she didn’t speak English! What’s more, the menu was in perfect German and no translation was available. And, since we were starving and, since J.L and I are not that familiar with the German language, we decided to order one of each of the dishes on the menu, and whatever will be, will be! German food: not suitable for vegetarians, but, for God’s sake, how delicious it is!

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