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Europe by Tandem

From Castellon (Spain) to Northern Cape (Norway) by Tandem supporting the fight against cancer.

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Day 12. From Ange to Bollnäs

Posted by admin On Julio - 20 - 2010

172 kilometers. 8 hours and 30 minutes

To start with, we’ll say that the tour de France riders only covered a distance of 168 kilometers today and they weren’t carrying 35 kilograms of luggage behind. I don’t want to draw comparisons but…

In Norse mythology, the Vanir is a group of gods associated with the sea, the wind, the fire and fertility. They are considered an omen of good weather, good sailing and good hunting. Today we’ll honor them because, from early morning until noon, we enjoyed fair weather thanks to the tail wind that helped us cover almost 100 kilometers in 4 hours.

We are moving towards the south and, luckily, the weather is turning milder. Today, halfway through the road, we dared a swim in a lake. We thought the water was going to be icy, but it wasn’t that bad. There goes a pic. By the way, there was an old bus at the lakeside fitted out by its owners for accommodation. You could stay there for the night for 21 Swedish kronor (more or less 3 euros). Not suitable for luxury lovers, mind you; but suitable for those who want to enjoy a unique experience of spending a long and moonlit night by a beautiful lake.

The landscape is mellowing out little by little. The beauty of the north in the Arctic Circle is enchanting and threatening at the same time; something drops a hint that you are in the kingdom of Nature, and that nature is the undisputed driving force of the place; if you brush it off, you’ll regret it! Farther towards the south, the wind, the clouds, the colors, the shapes and the overall perception of the surroundings become more familiar and friendlier to our senses. Now, we feel safer but we miss the feeling of authenticity that the wild spots arouse.

Back to the issue of traffic signs we come across when cycling. Today we were dumbfounded at a road sign we bumped into. We tried hard to come to grips with its actual meaning; we even bounced some ideas around; a brainstorming which made us get off the tandem bicycle; we couldn’t keep it straight because we couldn’t help laughing our heads off! If anybody knows what this sign means, please let us know. Actually, we can’t truly understand what that sign is doing in the middle of the woods.

A promise is a promise! We want to thank Manolo from MAFER, our neighbor and friend, for building an articulated metal arm which lets us capture images like these:

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