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Benicassim Green Route to Oropesa del Mar by the coast

Posted by admin On Abril - 20 - 2010

Hi everybody,

We share with you the pleasant Benicassim Green Route to Oropesa del Mar.

The route takes off from the resort ‘El Palasiet’ (Bencassim) and ends at the beach La Concha, in Oropesa. If you start the trip from Benicassim, take the old track’s bridge that is in front of the hotel Voramar (a mythic hotel in the area), and follow the asphalt road which will lead you to the hotel Palasiet and the exit of the green route.

There are 5.5 km that border the coast between big steeps and pinewoods, and is so close to the sea that there are stretches where you can go down and take a swim.  It goes through the tracks used by the railway not so many years ago. It seems that this stretch wasn’t right for high speed trains, so another was built in the inside. This tracks was therefore rendered useless for trains and is currently used by cyclist and pedestrians ;)

We recommend you to observe the two watchtowers part of this green route:  the Torre de Cordá and the Torre Colomera both have a circled base, a defensive characteristic and medieval architecture. They are both visually similar to the Torre de San Vicente in Benicassim.

The three of them were used as watchtowers against pirate attacks.

One of this route’s flaws is that there are many people using it: cyclists who ride too fast, pedestrians who walk on the bicycle’s lane…and therefore you have to be careful with everyone. In spite of this saturation on the weekends, it is a short ride suitable for all physical conditions and ages, since the Green Route’s irregularities cross mountain separations and tunnels.

You can watch 2 videos recorded this weekend in the Green Route, even if the bad weather and the rain prevent from seeing the wonderful coastal landscape it offers.

Thank you Yorch for letting us publish it with clear skies. A ride definitely worth your time.

Hi everybody!

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