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Europe by Tandem

From Castellon (Spain) to Northern Cape (Norway) by Tandem supporting the fight against cancer.

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Posted by admin On Marzo - 15 - 2010

JL: Today, my partner had an accident while he was training on his bike. As a result, he has a fracture on his right arm, as well as some other damage. Fortunately, it turned out to be better than it could have been. His bike is seriously damaged, though.

What happened?.  A car made him fall without touching him. He was descending–a car was right behind him and, all of a sudden, the driver blew the horn so hard it scared the hell out of him. Consequently, he lost control and went off the road.

Why did the driver blow the horn?, was he trying to warn him?, was he being impatient?, was just a road rage situation or a combination of all the above?. I don’t know…

I’m guessing the driver should feel saddened by the accident. Most likely, he won’t ever do that from now on—sometimes we learn the hard.

There are lots of ways in which vehicles put cyclists in danger. First of all, they just do not see them; they just feel inconvenienced with the bike that’s in front of them. From this point onwards, an endless series of madness can befall: passing maneuvers and braking only inches away from the bikes, sudden maneuvers, passing maneuvers when there’s actually no space to do so, even with incoming traffic vehicles, also horn blowing, screams, jokes, bad taste comments, etc…

We are living in a society where respect is in our speech rather than in our acts. It is in our speech because wishing it becomes politically correct. It is just a well-selling concept that enables people to tailor a good electoral suit.
Shallowness of the concept is vastly showed in the classrooms, in the streets, in the companies—on the other hand, it is just the cheap price paid by those who don’t practice it.

Maybe this hypocrisy was the reason why Perico Delgado quit his long-time collaboration with the DGT (Spanish Traffic Authority) with regard to road safety. He became aware of the fact that the DGT wanted to take advantage of his public image rather than implementing his knowledge and experience on cyclists’ safety issues.
I suggest you to take a sneak peek at the video Perico Delgado posted on his website–you don’t want to miss it!.

This accident will most likely force us to postpone our Camino de Santiago trip. I don’t really know, it’s too early to confirm it. We will figure it out within the next 20 days. This will also force my partner to train at home with his exercise bike—with a plastered arm.
We both know that our challenge is not an easy one; accidents and injuries are well-known risks. I am sure that his optimism is high because I know him; he won’t give up easily. One of his favorite quotes is “you can do it, anything’s possible!”.

Cheer up, Ivan!.

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