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Europe by Tandem

From Castellon (Spain) to Northern Cape (Norway) by Tandem supporting the fight against cancer.

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Ninth day, Ourense – Santiago de Compostela, 104 km, 6hrs 14min.

IVAN: Day 29th of May, the last, 9 days ago we were leaving Benicassim, Castellón, with the intention of arriving at Santiago de Compostela following the Camino de Levante with an average 50km per day, as a training for our singular European solidarity challenge. Although this journey had the intention of empowering the physical aspect of the challenge, the main characteristic was gaining experience as tandem bike riders and be fully prepared when we begin the real journey in Norway.

Nothing out of the ordinary happened today, a leg-breaking difficult stage. Galicia’s profile in this area is completely uneven; you continually go uphill and downhill and uphill again, a tough stage all the way to the end.  We should have expected this. Bu the reward was worth the effort, the arrival at Santiago de Compostela.

We entered Santiago de Compostela at 4 p.m on a fresh and humid afternoon. We approximated the ancient hull with the strength given by the adrenaline caused by your enthusiasm. We go down the slopes as if they were flat and go uphill with the advantageous speed of the descents. In few minutes we are in front of the ancient hull accessed by the Rua do Franco, leading us to the desired ending. We saw people, many people, the attraction the tandem bike exerts on the passer-by is evident. A woman stopped us and greeted us with a smile, an old French man asked us where we came from, a boy pointed us out with his forefinger and with the other hand he covered up his mouth and released an alaaaa!!!, a group of young people smiled, and little by little and dodging signs of admiration and complicity, we arrived to a huge extension opened in front of us, the Plaza do Obradoiro. We arrived and turning around we end up directing the tandem bike towards the Cathedral of the apostle James. Last pedalling, brake and foot on the ground, glance towards the sky and feeling.  A complete success.

Before changing we find a group of Castellón who come to see the tandem bike. They recognized the company that sponsor us, RECORD GO, and after telling them the commitment we have acquired with the Cancer Association (AECC and UICC), they commit to make a donation.

Once we changed clothes at the pilgrim’s hostel, we went to get our Compostelana, the diploma received by every pilgrim, upon delivering the card with the appropriate stamps. Of course this night we deserve the victory beer. The night atmosphere breathed in Snatiago is very interesting,  there are no slicked hairdos nor  makeup with rouge, what you see are sharp faces , long beards, and fine sculpted arms, all typical characteristics acquired by the pilgrims. All of them with a smile which help you achieve the goal. I invite everyone to experience this, you feel in community with all the neighbours, and the conversations come up effortlessly, going in the same direction: How about you, from where?

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