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Europe by Tandem

From Castellon (Spain) to Northern Cape (Norway) by Tandem supporting the fight against cancer.

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Seventh day: Toro-Puebla Sanabria: 135, 8 hrs. 8min.

JL: Since we arrived so late, we couldn’t walk through the streets of Toro, so this morning at 8:00 am, we went to least see the outside of the Colegiata de Santa María la Mayor. I have seen it many times in books, and it is not disappointing in reality. The city of Toro´s past is associated to relevant historical facts. Among other things, it was the place where the battle of “el Toro” occurred, which determined Spain’s since here, the troops of  Isabel la Católica beat the troops of Juana la Beltraneja  thus becoming the new queen de Castilla.

Wandering about the streets, we searched the exit and found Toro´s charms including the street bars. There is very good wine in Toro. Yet another place we had to say goodbye to without having enough time to get to know.

At midday, we had lunch in a bar at Castronuevo. While I finished eating, my friend Iván went to the bathroom. I was quietly watching the TV, and right away my phone rang. Astonished I saw in the viewfinder that the person who was calling me was Iván. My first thought was that he had finished and was calling me to go out; I glanced towards the bathroom door and when I picked up the phone, I hear him asking me, in a low voice, to get him some toilet paper.  Today I have the conviction that the mobile phone is, without any doubt, the best invention in History.

Today’s route has the best views of our entire journey. We passed through beautiful natural spots, with green areas al around, creaks and the river Esla and Sanabria Reservoir.

We have been riding for 7 days, with an average of 150 km/day, with almost 1050 kilometres accumulated. It has been 168 hours of life of which 52 were passed 52 seating on top of the bike seat, 31% of the time.  And if we add up the time used for the stops in order to eat, reparations, physiologic needs, take some photos and find the route, we have spent 77 hours on the road, in other words, 46% of the time.

All of this explains why we feel so tired and as if our legs were missing”. We have lost weight.

With all of this, it’s not serious if what have been lost are fats. As long as we are well hydrated, eat carbohydrates and proteins in a balanced way and in proportion to the effort made, our health will not be threatened.

For that reason it is very important to know about these questions. Luckily we can count on the help of expert Pilar Esquer, nutritionist of Castellón, collaborator and member of the team of Class of Gastronomy and Nutrition of the University Jaume I of Castellón. Thanks for your advices.

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