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Europe by Tandem

From Castellon (Spain) to Northern Cape (Norway) by Tandem supporting the fight against cancer.

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Day 24. Neuhof- Aschaffenburg

Posted by admin On Agosto - 3 - 2010

112 kilometers. 6 hours and 35 minutes.

IVAN: Day 24 of our European adventure; I don’t know how many kilometers we’ve covered, but both our legs and our faces start showing it. Our solidarity counter for the fight against cancer is also noticing it, and that’s the main reason why we pedal day after day.

Anyway, it rained first thing in the morning. That’s odd, isn’t it? Well, we got soaked right from the start. We thought it would rain harder from noon onwards. Apparently Aeolus or Zeus or the Vanir had pity on us (I can’t tell for sure which of these gods had something to do with it this time). Thank heavens! It’s unbelievable! I know full well that if I do a quick count of the amount of rainwater that has pounded on me in the last year, it’ll be more than in my thirty years. Well, when the going gets tough, the tough get going (the tough may also get wet, though!)

The anecdote of the day: the penny finally dropped. We realized why we got, by mistake, into a hotel where we had no booking yesterday. There weren’t two hotels that went by the same name. In fact, there are hundreds of hotels that carry the same name all over the country! The thing is that “Gasthof” means “inn”. We are the bomb!

Regarding our European neighbors, I’d like to add something new to our so-called peculiarity section. The interior part of the country is astonishing, beautiful; a real flower and fruit garden. The woods are becoming our constant companions; something I’m really happy about. The water, this is something that absolutely stuns me. Some days ago, I commented on the vast amount of Scandinavian water, on how wonderful it is and that you can’t get bottled water. Well, something similar happens here in Germany. There is NO way we can find still bottled water. It’s amazing! They do have something they call STILL that is less sparkling than the one which doesn’t carry that name; yet it is fizzy! Hard to think what may happen to these guys when drinking bubbly beer and carbonated water at lunchtime or at dinnertime. Jeez! The thing is that I’ve become a talented “running water” taste-tester; wherever we stay (at inns, hotels, shacks and restaurants) I assess tap water quality. Hope nothing bad happens to me…

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