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From Castellon (Spain) to Northern Cape (Norway) by Tandem supporting the fight against cancer.

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Training in tandem under a cold weather. Some practical advises

Posted by admin On Diciembre - 27 - 2009

JL: This month of December is colder than usual. Although it’s not a good weather to go out, our training cannot be interrupted.Generally in Castellón, medium-type winter clothes are enough. But when you are going to be on top of a bicycle for more than 6 hours with maximum temperatures ranging from 2 to 3 degrees, it is convenient to remember some practical advises.

There are several body parts that must be protected in a special way.

1. The feet. Under normal conditions, the feet receive little blood flow when you are riding a bicycle. Additionally, there is the peripheral vasoconstriction phenomenon. This is one of the ways to minimise heat loss when the body is exposed to a cold weather. With low temperatures, the body reduces blood flow in peripheral areas and the extremities thus avoiding the blood to cool down when circulating through the more exposed zones. The peripheral vasoconstriction redistributes the flow towards the nucleus, significantly reducing heat loss in the most vital bodyparts. In short, your feet freeze and become numb. That is why it is important to wear double socks (a normal pair and a pair of windbreak socks). Additionally, the most sensitive to cold can wear knitted socks over the shoes.

2. The head and neck. The head and neck add up a considerable amount of exposed corporal surface. These parts, due to a scarce subcutaneous fatty tissue and very limited vasoconstriction (they can not afford it), are zones through which a high percentage of body heat is lost if they are not protected from the cold.

3. The hands, due to the need to direct the handlebar, the gears and other operations, the hands receive more blood than the feet. In spite of this, it is convenient to protect them well.

There is no point inspending a lot of money in a great jacket if your feet, head, neck and hands are cold. The phase would be torture.

Another useful advise for cold days is taking candyto lessen the cold air going through the throat. It will prevent sores in the following days.

Apart from that, always look on the bright side, there is nothing like having clear ideas and an exciting objective!

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