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The Economic Crisis and Sports

Posted by admin On Enero - 31 - 2010

JL: In my opinion there is a connection between the absence of sport values and the economic crisis. If we understand that in the end everything is a consequence of the attitudes and behaviours that follow it, we will see everything more clearly.

Wewho practice sports know there aren’t any benefits without efforts, that arecord can not be achieved in a short period of time, that wishes mean nothing without and intelligent and sustainable plan, that effort must be constant, that if you stop too soon all that has been achieved will be lost, that risks and overexertion must be controlled, that if you win without respecting others you will have to celebrate victory on your own and pray never to lose, and that the best reward is not cash but experiencing pride for the things achieved playing fair. We also know that those who do not accept these rules and want to take shortcuts will end up hurting themselves and others around them, they will lose what has been achieved so far and make their teammates lose as well.


Although these values are not very popular nowadays, and therefore have done little to prevent us from falling over the cliff, sports can, at an individual level, help us fight the demoralising effects of unemploymentor the loss of a business.

To begin with, being involved in sports on a regular basis forces us to establish a small personal goal and carry out some sort of activity planning. At the same time, this will inevitably provide a certain structure of our time and a sense of purpose for our actions, both things that get lost when we stop having a labour activity and that can disorient us.

On the other hand, practicing sports produces effects on our self-esteem. Self-esteem has to do with how we value ourselves: either in a positive or negative way.  Sports benefit a positive self-conception since it favours an attractive personal image, it improves our physical appearance, increases self-confidence, provides us with higher levels of energy and vitality, makes us sleep better and have more rest, a better mood, a feeling of interior power, orientation, confidence in one’s capacities and a feeling of being useful. All of this helps us relate with our environment: we become more optimistic, pleasant, sociable and assertive. Without a doubt, it increases our future employability. I assure you that these things are part of the hidden curriculum and are greatly appreciated.

Sports teach us that both successes and defeats are possible results and that these depend directly on our personal characteristics and efforts. We learn that we have the ability to change our destiny. We also learn to keep a longitudinal vision of our self-perception, since this must not be based on momentary successes or defeats, but rather see life as a deep race where we have time to improve our results provided we set challenging and realistic goals. We learn about the power of will. This vision is an antidote against depression.

In any case, imagine this will be taught in schools and Business Faculties.

So now you know, choose your discipline and you will love yourselves more!

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