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Europe by Tandem

From Castellon (Spain) to Northern Cape (Norway) by Tandem supporting the fight against cancer.

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Archive for Septiembre, 2010

Day 2010

Posted by admin On Septiembre - 2 - 2010

IVAN: Just by taking a quick look at this blog post title, the reader may think that it’s been ages since we arrived, and the truth is that it’s been only two weeks since our adventure came to an end; however, enough time has passed for me to think that it’s been ages.

This adventure has had a lot of given names: sports, solidarity, European, cycling, traveling, etc. The feeling you get out of not being able to give this adventure only one name is aroused by the bizarre sight our blind unfleshed bodies, marked for life and undeniably stuck to the living flesh, catch. And this “without rhyme or reason” feeling creates an endless and rewarding sensation.

If I had to put this in scientific or, rather, mathematical terms, I would say that  suffering represented 70 percent and enjoyment accounted for 20 percent of the adventure (the remaining 10 percent corresponds to quotidianess). For my ailing body,  the larger percentage is not an issue. My body, still in pain, only recalls pleasant, curious, different things which it almost unconsciously misses. At the same time, it treats the considerable and copious amount of suffering with disdain because it is, strangely enough, vital for my body to repeat the enjoyment derived from this feat. You just bear in mind the gorgeous scenery, the tasty food, the wild and addictive smell that the genuine sense of freedom emanates and this smell hits you. For those who have been keeping track of our blog posts, it is as though a dormant bear has been roused by early spring warmth.         

This body, which looks rather dumb but, in fact, it isn’t, wants you to give it, to put it simply, a hard time. Yes, that’s right, this body wants to be treated harshly and roughly. I wish I could find the exact words to describe this weird sensation! I could only compare it with the feeling you get when you hear bells tolling for a funeral. These experiences, though distant, remind you that you’re alive.   

I can only express a deep sense of gratitude towards all the people who have followed us through our blog entries and supported us. In fact, their support gave us the strength to fulfil our unwavering commitment; they have encouraged us to make our dream come true. We used to say: “we might do it”; now, we can say: “we were able to do it in the end”.

When the “Europe by Tandem” project was still in its infancy, I remember telling J.L.: “be careful what you wish for, because your wishes may come true.” Good grief!

So, for the sake of giving gratitude a name: thank you to all of you have made a donation to our cause; thanks for your selfless generosity. Special thanks to RECORD GO and to its staff and, above all, I’d like to express my warmest thanks to José Luis Esquer.

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